Panorama of Gusev Crater on Mars

Image: public domain,

  • The above strikingly detailed image shows a region of Mars called
    Artist's concept of a Mars Rover, public domain image,
    Artist’s concept of a Mars Rover, public domain image,

    Gusev Crater.  It was taken by the Mars Spirit rover in 2005.

  • Mars, today, can be described as appearing similar to a harsh desert on Earth.  It is indeed mostly void of liquid water – essential to all life as known on Earth.
  • Yet, abundant evidence, including present-day Martian landforms, strongly suggests that, during some times in it’s extremely ancient history, Mars flowed with water over large portions of its surface – a wet world truly different than the Mars of today.
  • Did life perhaps thrive in the waters of ancient Mars?  Conditions may have been too salty or acidic, at least for life as known on Earth, but perhaps not.
  •  Mars echos, but moons in the Solar System – Europa, Titan, Enceladus – ring out, now, with the real possibility of harboring life.

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